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We need hard working and dedicated team players                                                                              
    We help you choose a location.  You will receive assistance in opening from the ground up.  We will provide design assistance for your restaurant layout.  We will provide franchising assistance.  We will provide a profit making mascot design.  We will provide you with the lowest priced suppliers in your area or you can supply your own.  We will provide you with solid management personnel with the know how to efficiently  and effectively establish your business.  We provide you with on the job training, customer service, sanitation, safety, purchasing, food cost control, labor cost guidelines, equipment repair know how with food preparation.  We enjoy opening and working with others.  It is our pleasure.

     We will provide you with the marketing concepts and advertising and promotions for higher sales.  We will provide you with the strategies for marketing with television, direct mail, newspapers and othe promotional plans.
     We hope you will consider us in this concept that is sweeping across the country.