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Rocco Raccoon Products

We are excited to sell our very own unique Rocco Raccoon products and many more items at our On-line Gift Shop.  You will receive your items within 7 days!

We have unique items to choose from, for all ages.

To order -call or fax 716-691-8038

******Form of payment......... ACCEPTING CHECK or MONEY ORDERS
(make check payable to Rocco Raccoon's Indoor Playgrounds Inc.)

NO TAX                    NO SHIPPING
            Rocco Raccoon Bear  #101
12 Inch Bear with logo shirt and small bear friend.     $22.00
               Rocco Raccoon Watch   #110
Colorful Rocco Raccoon logo with leather band.  Available in the small face or large face.  Also large face has wider, longer band.     $ 38.00

                           Rocco Raccoon Waterbottle   #111
Logo-Great for a cold beverage.  Pop up lid for convience.  $7.00
              Rocco Raccoon Cap   #115
Brightly colored dark yellow cap-with adjustable sizing.  Writing on the cap is
Rocco Raccoon's Indoor Playgrounds Inc.      $15.00
               Rocco Raccoon T-shirt   #116
White T-shirts are 100 % cotton prewashed.  
Please state the size and quanity.  Xsmall-small-medium- lg-xlg     $16.00
Velour Bear   #106
12 Inch white velour bear with navy knit scarf.     $13.00
Patriot Bear  #102
12 Inch Bear with american sweater and flag.     $19.00   
Tye Dye Bear   #103
12 Inch Bear with bright colorful colors.     $12.00
Chihuahua  #104
Small dog is velour and stands 7 inches tall.     $7.00
                  Smilie Faced Beanie   #105
Bright yellow smiley bean bag wears t-shirt with the saying  "Jesus Loves You! "
Size is 7"       $5.00

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